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Bill Payment Services

The processing of utility and telecommunications invoicing is a basic routine for every company. For companies with one or few locations, little time or expense is incurred other than the normal processing of the monthly checks. Invoices are generally verified to the previous months to validate amount and then a check is processed, hopefully, before the invoice is due.

However, for locations with multiple locations, this can be a time-consuming and costly process. Invoices come in quickly and need to be processed quickly. This usually bypasses the normal auditing process and, in many cases, the invoices are still processed beyond their required due date. With the industry average of processing checks around $15.00 per account and late fees generally at 18% or higher, significant cost can be added to a company's overhead. Our service greatly reduces this cost.

Under our service, invoices will be mailed directly to Corporate Energy Advisors at a secure lockbox. Invoices will be reviewed for errors prior to payment to the invoicing company. Any adjustments that can be made in advance will be reported to the vendor at the time of payment. The client will fund a secure account for payment 48 hours before vendor payments are released (generally weekly). All late fees become the responsibility of Corporate Energy Advisors.

Monthly reports will be provided to the Client detailing all payments for accounting purposes. Invoice copies are provided to the Client in CD format.