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A Resource for Increasing Your Bottom Line

Corporate Energy Advisors consults with industrial and commercial businesses to provide the expertise, knowledge and information needed to make informed energy choices in today's changing marketplace. Through our energy cost management services, we help companies reduce operating costs for a substantial impact to their bottom-line.

With more than 30 years of combined experience analyzing utility and telecommunications data, we have developed proprietary programs to quickly and effectively dissect your organization's costs and pinpoint areas that allow you to permanently reduce these costs.

Corporate Energy Advisors is not affiliated with any energy producers, aggregators or resellers; by remaining independent, Corporate Energy Advisors offers you a truly unbiased and practical evaluation of contract fees and terms from a multitude of energy companies.

Our success stories range from municipalities, to office parks, to retail organizations, to school districts. Let us show you how we can provide positive cash flow for your organization.

Lights Across America

"[CEA's] business approach provides a unique perspective in the utility marketplace. They have successfully reduced the electric costs for our various buildings.... We are satisfied with the results and would recommend their services to other companies who are looking to reduce utility costs."

-Joshua Karle, Executive VP & CFO, Soffer Organization

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