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A Resource for Comprehensive Energy Analysis

Our company was created for organizations where resources are not readily available to evaluate and control energy costs.

In today's marketplace, companies are increasingly investing time and other resources in an effort to maximize the value of their spending dollars. Areas such as personnel, inventory, and healthcare have received high prioritization chiefly because of the percentage of total costs these segments represent. Since there are only so many man-hours available, other areas receive little-if any-attention. Therefore, cost reductions may be available, but not recognized. Two cost segments often overlooked are utilities and telecomunications.

Some companies may have dedicated efforts in increasing energy efficiencies, managing present facilities and engineering new facilities to reduce overall consumption, reducing the amount of usage. But what about cost per unit of energy?

Are you sure that:

  • Your historical utility costs were accurate?
  • Your present costs are the most effective?
  • You are in position to take advantage of every opportunity to reduce present and future utility and telecommunications costs?

As long as the costs were basically the same from month to month, then time was dedicated to more critical areas. With the advent of electricity and natural gas deregulation, this just made the matter more complicated.

But what if you could:

  • Be sure that you were receiving the most cost effective rate from your utility providers?
  • Be sure that you were not missing out on any opportunities available outside the traditional utility/telecommunications source?
  • Track your costs online with reporting that fit your needs?
  • Consolidate your monthly utility payments into one payment per week regardless of the number of locations and utilities you deal with?
Lights Across America

"[CEA's] business approach provides a unique perspective in the utility marketplace. They have successfully reduced the electric costs for our various buildings.... We are satisfied with the results and would recommend their services to other companies who are looking to reduce utility costs."

-Joshua Karle, Executive VP & CFO, Soffer Organization

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