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Tariffs and Rate Analysis

Another assumption commonly made is that utilities are required to give each client the lowest rate available at any given time. This is not the case. By law, utilities are only required to give their clients a fair rate. A number of factors can impact the rate a client is charged that may differ from the initial rate:

  • Change in usage - A client may have increased or decreased their consumption rate. This could qualify a client for an alternative rate.

  • Hours of operation - Clients may operate their facility during extended or unique times that qualify for a more cost-effective rate.

  • Types of operation - Certain types of operations qualify for alternative rates just because of the type of industry they are.

  • Locations of facility - Some facilities are rewarded for locating their business in areas that would stimulate job/economic growth.

Included will be a comparison of the present tariff rates used by the respective companies to calculate present utility/telecommunication invoices to alternative rates and/or riders that may be offered by the invoicing companies. Any rates offering reduced costs will be identified and reported to Client. Any qualifiers to obtain optional rate will be documented. Comparative reports will be submitted to Client for review as well as approval of any change prior to implementation. All paperwork required to process the change in rate class will be handled on behalf of Client.