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CEA Terms and Conditions

  1. Audit DIY© is copyrighted and licensed by Corporate Energy Advisors LLC and is provided solely for the use of subscribers to this service. Any sharing of the content or use of this program without the express permission of Corporate Energy Advisors is prohibited and punishable under federal copyright law.

  2. Access to this program is on a fee-based arrangement. Customer selects either an annual or monthly subscription. Upon completion of the service term, Customer will be notified by email of the renewal of their subscription on the same term as previous, unless otherwise changed or cancelled on the Billing Information screen.

  3. All subscriptions are non-refundable; all sales are final.

  4. All fees are on a per-account basis. Discounts will be offered for Customers with 50 or more accounts. Please contact Corporate Energy Advisors at 724-941-9606 Attn: DIY Sales for your discount. Discounts are not aggregated over multiple clients.

  5. This program currently is offered only in the Duquesne Light Company service area and is only for commercial rates.

  6. This program generates recommendations only, no savings are guaranteed. Potential savings are calculated based upon user input and current tarrif rates. Corporate Energy Advisors is not responsible for the actions taken based on generated recommendations.
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"[CEA's] business approach provides a unique perspective in the utility marketplace. They have successfully reduced the electric costs for our various buildings.... We are satisfied with the results and would recommend their services to other companies who are looking to reduce utility costs."

-Joshua Karle, Executive VP & CFO, Soffer Organization

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